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Direct sell of Industrial Building in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)

Sector: Real Estate Active Lot Private sale

By appointment of the Insolvency Administration of MATERIALES DE CONSTRUCCIÓN AGUIAR S.L, Insolvency Procedure 72/2012, Commercial Court No. 1 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Building in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria:

Located at 53 Diego Vega Sarmiento street.

Industrial-commercial building located in the Polígono Industrial Miller Bajo.

Industrial corner building with four floors above ground and two floors below
giving faade to two streets with an approximate elevation difference of one floor, such that the height above the ground of each street is three floors. It is intended for multi-functional building and commercial use.

All the floors are connected vertically by three nuclei of stairs, two of them equipped with two lifts each.

The ground floor has ace like the first one they have direct access from the streets. Highlight the high representativeness of the architectural design and quality.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Those of urban land: Paving, steel and public, sanitation and distribution networks of drinking water, electric power in tension and telephony.

AGE: The environment is older than 30 years.

CONSOLIDATION: The degree of consolidation in the immediate environment is estimated at 100%.


DOMINANT USES: Industrial within Polígono Industrial.

Farm number: 100,353.

Cadastral reference: 6780401DS5068S0001YJ.

Breakdown of registered registered areas:

- Basement -2: 2,771.88 m2

- Basement -1: 2,771.88 m2

- Ground floor: 2,313.41 m2

- First floor: 1,704.83 m2

- Second floor: 1,423.89 m2

- Third floor: 765.37 m2

Price: 9,700,000 euros.

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    Location: Diego Vega Sarmiento 53 PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA, LAS (Las Palmas) España
    Email: send a messageEmail
    Buyer's Premium: 5.00% (not included in your bid)
    Payment deadline: 00-00-0000
    Removal date: 00-00-0000
    Inspection: By Appointment Only

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