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Direct sell of Industrial Warehouse in Vitoria Gasteiz (Álava)

Sector: Real Estate Active Lot Private sale

By appointment of the Bankruptcy Administration of EQUIPOS DE TRANSMISSIÓN S.A, Bankruptcy Procedure 40/2020, Mercantile Court No. 1 of Vitoria


Industrial Warehouse in Vitoria Gasteiz (Álava):

PAVILION CALLED PESADA, physically located on a plot of land located in Vitoria, towns of Gamarra and Betoño, term of LARRAGANA.

The floor plan of the pavilion is in the form of an irregular polygon, which can be broken down into three juxtaposed rectangles oriented in a line from South to North.

The pavilion occupies an area of ??3,883 m2 and is located between the main workshop and the treatment and storage workshop.

Property No.: 33,551.

Price: €1,340,915.95.

Expenses: All expenses of the public sale and those derived from the cancellation of charges and registration entries both from embargoes and arising from the contest, including the energy efficiency certificate, will be borne by the purchasing party.

The community expenses not paid by the bankrupt and for which the property itself must respond, in application of the provisions of article 9.1 e) of the Horizontal Property Law, will be paid by the purchasing party.

In the event that there is a credit for Real Estate Tax (IBI) that has a tacit real guarantee or has been recognized in the contest with special privilege, it would be satisfied charged to the sale price in preference to the rest of the real guarantees that affect to the property.

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