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9 - Guillotine

Sector: Graphic Arts

  • Brand: ITOTEC
  • Model: Serie ERC (Japon)
  • Year:
  • Quantity: 1
  • Condition: Used

Cutting with 1160 mm. Blade operation with double arm. Guides of 0,001 mm continuous positioning precision. Centralized lubrication system. Magnetic clutch and brake. Air table and laterals with chrome protection. Cutting optical line. Infrared security system. ERC microcomputer with colour screen and digital keyboard. Capacity 100 programmes, conversion metric system to inches and many other specifications.

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    Location: Ctra. Algete M-106, Km 1.600 ALGETE (Madrid)
    Email: send a messageEmail
    Buyer's Premium: 15.00% (not included in your bid)
    Payment deadline: 04-03-2014
    Removal date: 31-03-2014
    Inspection: By Appointment Only
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