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DANIELI BREDA-1600 Aluminium profiles line.

Sector: Metalworking Active Lot Private sale

Including: Furnace for aluminium billets heating with Gas burner. Furnace for die heating with gas burner. 1 Ton hoist. BREDA Heated Shear for 7 billets cut. DANIELI BREDA Extrusion Press 1600 Type. Cooling, straightening and cutting bench composed by Pre-bench with vertical adjustment, press Mobile saw, Mobile extrusion table with vertical adjustment, Muller traction Group, Conveyor belts, straightening bench, cut-to-length fixed saw, Chip Conveyor, cut-to-length complete Group, fnas to the extruded profiles cooling.

  • 1 - Extrusion Line

    Breda Profiles Extrusion Line composed by: (1) Furnace for billets Heating. Billet diameter: 178 mm., Billet maximum length: 8.000 mm., Working temperature: 450 C degrees, Maximum temperature: 520 C degrees, Fuel: N [...]

    Model: 1600 TM
    Year: 1992
    Quantity: 1

    Condition: used
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