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FARREL SPAIN, S.A. Rubber machinery manufacturer

Sector: Plastics Active Lot Private sale

Bed type milling machines, boring, lathes, grindings, measurement tools and much more.

Machine Tools</u></strong></p>

CNC Milling machines</strong></p>

  • CME FS-2. Table 2000 x 850 mm. CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC 426</li>
  • CORREA A-25/30. Table 3500 x 1000. CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC 417.</li></ul>

    Horizontal and CNC lathes</strong></p>

    • AMUTIO CAZENEUVE HB-575. 1000, 1500 y 2000 mm between centers.</li>
    • AMUTIO CAZENEUVE HB-810. 3000 mm between centers.</li>
    • PONTIGGIA H-700. Distance between centers 5000 mm. over bed 1390 mm</li>
    • STM-PULLMAX CNC lathe. Distance between centers 1000 mm. over bed 500 mm</li></ul>


      • SORALUCE TRO-1250. Drill 90 mm</li>
      • SORALUCE TR3-2500. Drill 110 mm</li>
      • IRSA RS-32. Drill 32 mm</li></ul>

        Grinding Machines</strong></p>

        • GER RS-10/60 Surface grinding machine. Magnetic chuck 1000 x 600 mm.</li>
        • DANOBAT RU-2700 Universal grinding machine. Distance between centers 2700 mm</li></ul>

          Large number of tools </span>, measurement, cranes</span>, hand tools</span>, spare</span> electrical, electronic</span>, pneumatic, furniture, informatica, etc.</span>.</span></strong> </strong></p>

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