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Sector: Consumer Goods and Inventory , Construction Active Lot Private sale

Important manufacturer and designer of furniture for installations and collectives (tables and chairs). Main equipment and machinery for sale:
BEWO FCH85M / CTS / GRIPPA Automatic Saw (2001). Automatic drilling machine for bar drilling. With autoloader and control (2004). (4) ABB and COMERCY SOUDORE Robotic welding stations with positioners. ANJUL REGINA and MEBUSA TM-15 Automatic shot blasting machines. Powder paint booth with (2) reciprocators GEMA ACR-1/21 and Mixer GEMA CH9015. Drying oven 30 meters. MIOS T45-TV Eccentric Press Capacity 45 Ton. Stroke 290 to 370 mm. ULECIA AVD Mechanical press 25 Ton. LASA Decoiler- Straightening. Capacity: 150 x 4 mm and 400 x 3 mm Heaters, horizontal lathe, CME FU-2 universal milling machine, welding wire and electrode, tube and bar bending machines, shrink oven, conveyor belts, overhead Cranes, GESAN DPS 7 Genset, SHAMAL 320 Screw Compressor and much more.

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