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Full line of Egg pasteurization in Girona (Spain)

Sector: Food Processing Active Lot Private sale


Maximum break and separate 36000 Eggs/hour capacity
Currently 1200 Lts/hour production

Production phases:
1) Eggs are broken and separated
2) Eggs are cooled once separated
3) Pasteurization
4) Homogenization (Total pasteurization and homogenization process 8 min.)
5) Pressure or thread packaging (bottles from 0'5 to 1'5 lts. PVC or PET)
6) Bottles labeling

Final product:
1) Liquid White
2) Liquid Yolk
3) Liquid White + Yolk

Line description:
1) Eggs unloading and loading area to Breaking Machine
2) PELBO mod. SS100, Eggs Breaker-Separator (separates yolk from white) serial No. 155, year 2005
3) PELBO suction and transport machine to cooling tanks (can pump white and yolk separately or both together)
4) (3) FONSERE Cooling Tanks, capacity 3500, 2500 and 2500 Lts.
5) FISCHER Pasteurizer EUROCAL 18CF type, Serial No. 99085, year 1999
6) FBF Homogenizer, FBF010 type, year 2002
7) MECANIZADOS ESPADA Bottling Machine, 4 bottles, 1200 Units/Hour production
8) DOSIMUR Capping Machine
9) DOSIMUR Labeling Machine

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