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Sector: Food Processing Active Lot Auction

Unique opportunity to acquire a fantastic P.D.O. cheese factory made from Manchegan sheep's milk! This cheese factory is located in the geographical and cultural heart of La Mancha, producing a wide selection of cheeses with love and pride.

It is a growing family business that over four generations has been able to maintain the tradition, flavour and quality that the most demanding palates desire.

The company manufactures, markets and distributes cheese (cheeses with "QUESO MANCHEGO" P.D.O.) in a warehouse located in Quintanar de la Orden (Toledo), which is owned by the company.

The activity currently has no employees and production is at a standstill. The company is also a licensee, by virtue of a certificate issued by the regulatory council of the Manchego cheese designation of origin, by which it has the capacity to manufacture the designation. It also has the registered trademarks "Villaleal" and "Valdencinas".

This production unit is made up of:

-URBANA: INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE, destined to the manufacture of Cheese, in the term of Quintanar de la Orden, in the national road 301 km 121, Calle arroyo blanca nº 2. Its plot has a surface area of nine thousand seven hundred and sixty seven square metres, of which two thousand and twenty square metres are used for the construction and the rest for the patio or uncovered land situated around the construction. The ground floor comprises: offices, laboratory, exhibition and sales area, milk reception and storage area, milk pasteurisation and curdling area, moulding, draining and pressing area, cold storage area, salting area, maturing chambers, conservation chambers, rooms for cheese in oil, rooms for paper and cardboard, labels, boxes, etc.., rooms for cleaning tools, staff toilet, labelling, packaging and dispatch area and building for auxiliary installations and on the upper floor offices of 120 square metres.

Marks, machinery, furniture and other fixed assets used to carry out the activity. Bids are accepted before Auction

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