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Complete clousure of a pastry & bakery production facility located in Galicia, Spain

Sector: Voeding Actieve kavel Besloten verkoop

Sale of Puff Pastry, Pastry, Cronut, Bread and Fry forming and production lines, mixing processes, packaging equipment and ancillaries available for immediate sale including.
Auction in association with Liquidity Services, you can reach the lots by clicking ON LINE AUCTION":


Or from the access button below

Puff pastry line: Capacity of 750kgs/hr (producing canolli 30-150g, palmiers 50-150g, small palmers 10-50g, puff pastry bases, pizza bases, pasties etc).

Pastry line: Capacity of 700kgs/hr (producing Croissants 20-120g, pain au chocolat, milk bread, brioche with seeds).

"Cronuts Line: Capacity of 900kgs/hr (producing Cronuts or Puff Pastry Products, can be used in fried products, puff pastry or pastry lines). (new 2015 used for 1 month).

2 x 750kgs/hr Frying lines (producing Donuts, Donettes, Cronuts, Berliners, Custard filled donuts, etc).

Bread line: Capacity of 1300kgs/hr
5 Bonini & Boreli Pizza Topping Machines & 2 Tomato Paste Tanks & pumps(2014)

Mixing & making process equipment:
Chocolate mixers and refiners, Lloveras and Mallosa.
Margarine and egg depositors, Trivi.
Fat feeding depositors.
Sugar tumblers & Sugar Grinder.
200 litre Dough Mixers by Sabatecno, Collette & Treemme (1992 - 2004) (Qty 8).
20,000kg & a 30,000kg Flour silos (Qty 8).
30,000Kg Aluminium Flour tanks (Qty 9).
30,000litre stainless steel 316 insulated cooking oil tanks (Qty 5).
Ovens & cooling tunnels.
Very large quantity bread tins and baking trays.
Metal detectors, weighing & printing machines.

Packaging Equipment:
Pizza packing line (2011) with Ilapak Delta 3000 ID HS DX Flow Wrapper with MTA EVO M10 Chiller, Loma MD301 Metal Detector & Varpe V2000 Checkweigher.
ABB IRB340 M2000 Flexpicker Robots (2001) (Qty 8).
Printing machines.
Bag sealing machines.
Flow wrappers.
Extensive range of conveyors throughout.

Handling, Facility & Workshop Equipment:
Jenbacher J320GS B05 Gas gen sets (Qty 2)
Atlas Copco ZT7S Air compressors (Qty 2)
Rutecnic EX Dust extraction units (Qty 2)
1000kgs Electric powered pedestrian pallet trucks
1600kgs Counter balance fork lift trucks, range of hydraulic pallet trucks

Welders, bench shear, pillar drill, bearing pullers, work shop benches, racking, factory furniture including stainless steel & marble topped tables, stainless steel insecto-cutors.

Auction in association with Liquidity Services.



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