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Plastic PiecesInjection and Blowing (LIZAGA UBALDE, SL)

Sector: Plastic Actieve kavel Besloten verkoop

Company specialized in Plastic Pieces Injection and Blowing for Automotive, Household Appliances and Industrial Batteries Industries. Main equipments and Machinery for sale:
(10) BATTENFELD, NEGRI BOSSI, ITALTECH and MATEU SOLE Injection Moulding Machines, from 70 up to 1600 Ton.
(7) MATEU SOLE, YVRDUB and MORETTI Blow Moulding Machines. (12) MECANOFIL, RAPID, CMG, TRANSPLAST and CUMBERLAND Grinders. Heating Silos, Conveyor belts, Compressors, Boiler, Foldable Containers. Laboratory and Measurement Machinery. Cooling Equipments. Workshop Furniture, Racks and much more.

Inspection: By appointment from 6th to 8th March 2017.



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